Why should I buy Funbox for my child?

- Learning by doing is proven to be one of the most effective learning methods that also gives joy in the process.

How can it benefit my child and me?

- Grow your child's interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) topics with play-focused activity. Fabulous opportunity to bond with your child over monthly DIY kit projects.. and more!

How much is a typical box?

- Priced between $25- $30.

What is in each box?

- All materials in sachets to create end-product except basic tools like scissors or glue where necessary.

How it can be used with the video/content?

- Learn anytime, anywhere with out on-demand instructional video content and DIY kit.
- Child focused content: Your child will have a meaningful interaction time on use of computer/devices via all our content and projects.

What is the delivery lead time?

- Locally, 3-7 working days.

How many types of Funbox/workshops are there?

- Exciting variety of themes each month with limited edition kits during festive seasons!